palimanan permanent penetrating surface treatment

Permanent Penetrating Protection for Floors

With our permanent penetrating surface treatment you can protect your floors such as natural stone, terracotta, terrazzo, concrete and a wide range of other surfaces from stains and water penetration.

After applying our NanoQuartz treatment your surface will also be hardened and therefore more scratch resistant.

An additional benefit of our NaqnoQuartz surface treatment is that the surface will become self cleaning, which means that dirt can be easily removed by jet spray or mopping as the dirt is not stuck in the pores.

This treatment also prevents mold and moss growth or spores that are trying to penetrate will on grow on the top and can easily be removed.

Most architects are worried about the change of the look and feel, especially for natural stone floors, but with NanoQuartz there will only be a slight enrichment of the natural pigments.

NanoQuartz is in general a three step application, starting with proper surface preparation (surface needs to be clean and dry), a first product application using an applicator or sleeve pad and wiping off any access, after touch dry (between 5-20min depending on weather and temperature conditions) the second application is applied again with an applicator or sleeve pad and followed by wiping off any access with a cotton towel.

As each surface has its unique characteristics and even the same type of natural stone can have different absorption it is highly recommended to consult with an ecoSmart Certified Contractor prior to applying NanoQuartz.

permanent penetrating surface treatment on rammed earth wall

Permanent Penetrating Protection for Walls

The process to apply NanoQuartz is similar to the application on floors, but less sensitive when it comes to access application. Typically a floor should maintain its natural look and appearance is very easy to be observed on a floor. While on the wall it really is all about protection, even with some over application of NanoQuartz it will not leave a lasting visual effect as water is not ponding like on floors.

Most importantly for the application on vertical surfaces is to apply NanoQuartz from bottom to top, due to its quick penetration, again its important to distribute as much product as possible to the not saturated areas.

permanent penetrating surface treatment on bamboo roof shingles

Permanent Penetrating Protection for Materials

NanoQuartz is a perfect long term protection for a wide range of materials already tested by us in house. We have had great results in treating bamboo roof shingles, bamboo poles, hemp and mixed cotton-hemp textile, a range of timbers and even marble.

Nevertheless NanoQuartz requires a custom approach for each type of material or surface applied to, in order to ensure all the various qualities its provides to the material or surface.

At ecoSmart Works we offer free material trials and on site mock-ups to ensure best possible performance.

For 3rd party laboratory tests we can conduct them for a facilitation fee and the cost of the actual tests required.

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