BONA Adhesives (indoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. Little Tree

When we glue flooring to concrete floors we us R848 15 kg buckets or 2.8 kg sausages. The BONA saline based adhesives provide for flexibility of the wooden floors and therefore minimize the risk of cupping and wrapping as the floors can move. Also R848 when used with pre-finished floors can easily be wiped off from the top surface even if already hardened. For concrete floors with high humidity content we recommend to use R580 moisture barrier from BONA

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330FL Manual (Copy)

Primatech Nail Guns (indoor & outdoor)

With the PrimatechNailer and the Fasteners we can nail floors very fast and efficient and the accuracy is nearly 100%. We can see a more than 30% faster installation using those nailers compared to conventional tools

TC-120 (Copy)

Tiger Claw TC 120 (indoor & outdoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. Little Tree

The Tiger Claw Hidden Deck system from Fastenmaster is the most advanced system for high performance decking installations with a  focus on durability and performance. TC-120 reduces wood splitting, wood rot and board cupping and comes with a 25 year warranty


BONA Kuenzle & Tensin Sanding Machines (indoor & outdoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. Little Tree

We operate with 2 sets of BONA Belt, Flexi 1.5 and DCS and 3 Edge Sanders

The quality and speed is incomparable with any other local or imported equipment

We have been using our machines since 2009 and have constantly upgraded, but some our original machines are still in good working condition and have found new owners in Lombok

Rotary Hammer

HILTI Power Drills (indoor & outdoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. HILTI Nusantara

The HILTI Drills are simply high performance tools that provide for accuracy and no disturbance during the job as they are nearly indestructible. Having had experience with other brands we see HILTI as a must do investment for professional contractors

Bona 8100 Sic Abrasives

BONA SIA Abrasives (indoor & outdoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. Little Tree. We only use BONA abrasives, as they last up to three times longer than conventional sand paper and thebelts can be rotated, which extends the amount square meters it can be used for. We always keep sufficient stock of our abrasives



BONA Coatings (indoor& outdoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. Little Tree. A wide range of coatings are available for residential, commercial and heavy traffic use, as well as for use on sport floors such as squash and basketball courts complying to international standards

The key benefits of using BONA coatings are the high quality appearance and durability as well as easy maintenance

Besides a wide range of water based coatings BONA also offers indoor and outdoor oils and hard waxes

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Tung Oil (indoor & outdoor)

imported by PT. Little Tree

Tung Oil is a very natural product with a lot of excellent properties. We normally apply Tung Oil on old timber flooring and decking to maintain a rustic look and feel and the natural appearance, nevertheless it needs to be applied in multiple coats and maintained

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Linseed Oil (indoor & outdoor)

imported by PT. Little Tree

Linseed Oil similar to Tung Oil is another excellent natural finishing product, but does not really provide for a lot of protection of the wood. There are some specific areas of application were Linseed Oil might make for a good alternative, but mostly it is used as per client request

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Timber Seal (indoor & outdoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. Little Tree

We use Timber Seal mainly for outdoor wooden structures, it provides for strong protection and reduces wood rod due to its excellent moisture repellent characteristic. Timber Seal can also be applied on furniture, flooring and decking


BioWax (indoor & outdoor)

is available through PT. Little Tree

There are two types of mixes, for indoor using Beeswax and for outdoor using Linseed Oil. Both types are food grade and mainly used on wooden bowls and cutlery, but also can be a preferred choice for furniture and wooden crafts


BONA Maintenance (indoor& outdoor)

authorized Indonesian distributor PT. Little Tree

The range of maintenance solutions is very wide and really depends on the application, there are customized options for everyone, from residential home owner to commercial cleaning companies, with all products meeting strict environmental and health related international standards as part of BONA’s sustainability policy and commitment.



UIin as known as one of the densest timbers and has earned it’s name Ironwood. To just reach a diameter of 10cm the tree needs to mature for 30 years, which makes this one of the most threatened rain forest timbers in Indonesia. The government has started to regulate Ulin, but unfortunately new Ulin is still commonly available as building material, wooden shingles and decking.

We only use 100% reclaimed Ulin from verified suppliers and the sources are old wooden buildings, bridges, jetties, railway rafters and telephone poles. Nevertheless Reclaimed Ulin is getting scarcer as demand increases and we are focusing on projects that can be done in stages to ensure a constant supply. Ulin is one of the most durable timbers, it is not effected by termites or wood rot and can last for a lifetime and longer.

rubber wood

Rubber wood is used in plantations in Java for the production of natural rubber for further processing. After 30 years of productive life the trees are cut and replaced by new seedlings. Those old trees can than be used to produce engineered flooring, decking and building components.

A newly developed 11 layer decking plank now comes with a 10 year warranty and is resistant to termites, wood rod and also does not cup or split. Joists are made from the same material.

Pilang solid flooring

Acacia (Pilang) is a plantation timber and is normally used for pulp and paper production. In order to add value there have been efforts by the IFC to utilize Acacia is a timber for furniture and flooring. Some Indonesian companies have now started to market Acacia as a higher value timber for finished flooring and garden furniture as a more affordable alternative to Teak.


Teak is one of the most well known timbers, not a native species to Indonesia it was introduced by the Dutch colonials and has now become one of the largest export timbers for Indonesia for flooring and furniture products. As a plantation timber it is in itself sustainably managed, but as a monoculture Teak can have quite negative impact on the soil as it is known to drain soil of most of its nutrition’s, so if not managed well the soil might degrade and it could take decades to revitalize it for other crops.

On the other hand Teak is a fabulous timber with beautiful grain and excellent performance characteristics. It is also available as Reclaimed Teak, as it is very durable and was one of the main species used in wooden house construction in Java (Joglo, Gladak, etc.).


Sonokeling Same as Teak, Sonokeling (Rosewood) originates from India and was introduced to Indonesia via the Dutch colonists. It is now a common plantation timber and it’s beautiful grain and color make it a popular choice timber. Nevertheless the dark feel is very different from the light colors of Teak and therefore it has not been popular in all markets, but has its own selective market segment. In general Sonokeling is less dense than Teak and therefore a preferred choice for indoor flooring and furniture.

WPC kayu

WPC was first introduced by China, but is now commonly manufactured in Indonesia. Different than in China, Indonesian companies utilize saw dust waste 65% from timber processing and mix it with recycled HDPE (plastic) 25%, which basically makes Indonesian WPC a 90% recycled material, with the remaining 10% being additives to bind it all together. We prefer to use solid WPC as it tends to be more stable in Indonesia’s very hot climate and therefore we do not have the risk of bending and warping. Nevertheless we offer hollow WPC for smaller installation with a 5 year warranty and solid WPC for larger areas and projects with a 10 year warranty. Joists are made from the same material.


Strand Woven Bamboo – SWB

Strand Woven Bamboo is an engineered form of Bamboo. While natural bamboo certainly has it’s beauty it often lacks durability and requires a lot of maintenance. Strand Woven Bamboo is manufactured by stripping the bamboo ton the fiber level and mixing it with environmentally certified resins to produce a pressed beam of 14 x 15 x 240cm, which than can be processed into the finished products such as flooring, decking, door frames, veneers, joists and roof shingles among others.

For flooring we prefer cross laminated SWB as it works well with the Indonesian climate and the high moisture content. There are a variety of finishes during the processing and most common we use Natural, Semi-Carbonized and Carbonized, but we also have a Tiger-Striped version.

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