About ecoSmart Works 

ecoSmart Works is a specialized woodworking contractor offering a wide range of services from new installations, renovations, maintenance of wooden flooring, decking, ceiling and wall cladding to customized carpentry work.

We also offer a range after sales services such as Deep Cleaning with our BONA Power Scrubber for surfaces such as wooden flooring, wooden decking as well as natural stone surfaces, Palimanan, Pebble Stone and other difficult to clean surfaces.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, on time delivery, reliability and after sales customer service.

Due to our investments in the best tools and equipment available, such as BONA Dust-Free Sanding Machines, Primatech Power Nailers, HILTI Drills, BONA Power Scrubber and IPE Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners, we have become the leading woodworking contractor for flooring and decking renovation projects on the island with a speed next to none.

We are a certified BONA Contractor and offer guarantees for all our works as well as excellent after sales service.

As part of our environmental commitments we aim at recommending only sustainable timbers, adhesives and finishes to our clients.

We provide proper tools and work clothes to our employees, insurance and way above average salaries to ensure a fair living wage and their commitment to our company.

We comply with health and safety regulations and provide continues training and capacity building to all our employees to allow them to grow and excel in their lives.

Our Valuable Team Members

Fajar PrayogaProject Manager
Sufyan Qusairi
Sufyan Qusairi Project Supervisor Head Carpentry
Ansori Huda
Ansori Huda Project Supervisor Carpentry
Imam Kanafi
Imam KanafiProject Supervisor Carpentry
Subakir Project Supervisor General Works
Anang Ashari
Anang Ashari Sanding & Finishing
Gede SugiantaraSanding & Finishing
Salim Abddillah
Salim AbddillahFinance & Accounting